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This classic  G. Lane and C.B. Tippett's 1864 book is reprinted by Ten Talents Publishing. Its selection of John Wesley's sermons, arranged by subject, makes it invaluable to researchers, students, pastors, and serious devotional readers. Its index alone makes it a must have.

Commissioned by Bishop Emeritus of the Free Methodist Church of North America Richard D. Snyder.

Here is a message from Bishop Snyder concerning this important work:

"During the 45 years God gave me to minister under appointment in the  
Free Methodist Church, there were two books that were on or near my  
desk the whole time - the Word of God, and Wesleyana.

Wesleyana is a book that was published in 1846.  My father had a copy  
of it and gave it to me when I began pastoring in 1963.  It is a  
selection of Wesley's writings on many subjects and the things I like  
about it are:

- Extensive INDEX on all kinds of subjects such as Election Defined,  
Resurrection of the Human Body, Imputed Righteousness Explained,  
Temptations - why Permitted, and so forth.

- Each of the index items is addressed from excerpts of Wesley's  
sermons or writings in summary form.

- When preparing messages, I often read from this book to see if what  
I was saying connected with the teaching of Wesley.

- Many times, I quoted Wesley or paraphrased his writings.

The book was so helpful (and still is) that I have had it reproduced  
so that others could benefit from it.  It contains 353 pages and you  
may receive it for $15.00 including postage.

God's best to you as you serve the Lord and minister among the people."

Richard Snyder
Bishop Emeritus
Free Methodist Church of NA