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Jo Bower's Writing Services

Do you have a story or a how-to book locked inside?  

Many  people who have lived through  remarkable circumstances, or have developed an expertise in an area are not writers. Yet they have information or a story that demands sharing.

Jo offers two options: 1. Traditional ghost writing. For a fee, Jo will write your story or how-to book. The total profits for the sale of the books and complete credit belongs to the story teller.  2. Co-author or "as told to." The fees are 1/2 or less than the ghost writing fees. However, the story teller will share credit with Ten Talent's writer, and 5%  - 10% of the profits.  

Jo guarantees the fees will be less than the industry's extremely high fees, but  are is based on the complexity of the project.  Ninety days is the normal length of time needed to ghost or co-author a book.  

She retains the right to refuse any job that is questionable in nature or goes beyond the acceptable level of decency.

About Jo Bower

Jo Bower is the author of a series of  Inspirational Science Fiction novels. She has written five and is working on the sixth.  The first  two novels are published and available on and well from this web site. Prerelease sales have been positive and readers response have been overwhelmingly encouraging.  She has also published a book of Readers Plays. Other published work is a body of about 60 pieces of  devotional articles in magazines like THE UPPER ROOM and PATHWAYS TO GOD.  

Jo Bower has written training material, business letters, sales copy, and a number of other business related material for her former employers. She is as comfortable with factual material as she is with fiction.

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