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The Why Chronicles
Conversations and lessons on Basic Christinity
Dramas for Older Elementary and Young Teens
based on "tweens'" favorite word "WHY??????"
The Mystics of Qukotka
Book Three of fiction series
The Edition now available on amazon.com is a proof copy.
Watch this site for announcements for when to buy your copy!
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Commissioned by Bishop Emeritus Richard D. Snyder. A reprint of a classic collection of Wesley's sermons arranged by subject with an exhaustive index.
Readers' Plays for Small Churches of Any Size  
Seasonal plays by Jo Bower. Written so actors always have access to scripts.  
Stories of recovery in Pass Christian, MS in the words of the volunteers, survivors, and observations from people who helped get the Free Methodist volunteer effort off the ground.
I Asked For A Rose But God Sent An Orchid
Inspirational second chance story by Cindy and Wade Robinson as told to Jo Bower
The USS M. Curie Discoveries  The Tells of Cutezar and The Twins of Zae
Jo Bower's  inspirational Science Fiction Series!
by Kim Wiley. Beyond the classic Southern Cookbook! Her mother's regionally famous recipes!

About Ten Talents

Ten Talents Publishing LLC takes its name from a story told by Jesus.

There was a hard taskmaster who was going away. He called his trusted servants together and advised them he was giving each talents to invest. A talent in those days was a certain amount of money. To one servant the landowner gave ten talents. The servant went out and doubled the amount to 20 talents. He was praised when the landowner returned. To one servant he gave 5 talents. This servant also saw the amount grow, and was praised by the landowner.  The last servant was given one talent, and he went and buried it to preserve it for his hard taskmaster.  He was disciplined and the one talent taken away because he did not use it.

Many things can be drawn from this story, but we at Ten Talents Publishing, LLC invite you to join us as we use every talent (money and abilities...talents) we have been given to the fullest.

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